Beer for Good

Apr 22, 2020

Welcome to our first news post and have we got some news for you.

Since successfully launching In October 2019, the current lockdown has meant that we our new business has had to make rapid change. So we have a new website and a new shop where you can order your beer for delivery.

We still have 17,000 pints undelivered with no pubs to go to, so as your new neighbours we have teamed up with Josephs Goals, a cracking charity also based in Standish,

Founder Mark Dearman explains

We’re going to let the beer go for donations only, half of the money will be handed over to the Joseph’s Goal charity, which is based here in Standish. way we claw back some of the money we’ve spent on the production and we’re able to support a wonderful local cause. There is more information here on the Wigan Today website


Please support Josephs Goals and if you can please support us as a local brewery making great beer in Wigan You can pre-order our first brew in the online – shop

If you would like to find out more Call 01257 427 832 (brewery) or 07834 216 219 (sales). Or fill in the form on the Contact page.

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